Paradise Trail: the garden as a metaphor

METAPHOR Eternal Peace & Harmony between Nature & Mankind Cultural Landscapes became one of the update global topics. They represent the combined works of man and nature. Moreover they are the places of peoples’ livelihoods, identities and spiritual beliefs. 21st Mankind seek for the harmony created between the earth and the spiritual world, allowing a [...]

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Ciudade ES+Verdes: diseñando con la naturaleza

La Infraestructura Verde es un concepto que aspira a recrear un sistema robusto que permita moverse y adaptarse a las especies y sus comunidades. Se trata de elementos naturales y artificiales tales como bosques, zonas, corredores verdes urbanos, techos y muros verdes, jardines de agua, huertos urbanos, cuerpos de agua, humedales, tierras de cultivo o [...]

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A Journey shaped by the Landscape

Landscape Architecture is a profession with more than one hundred years of experience and international renown. Their main responsibility is to shape habitats capable of positively influencing the development of communities through the creative combination of science, art and technology. Landscape Design has a special force to encourage attitudes and values favorable to a better [...]

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